Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

The Ballad of Billy Rose

Out in Arizona in the town of El Diablo
There lived a young cowboy named Billy Rose
He could ride and rope and brand as well as any man
But the pistolero's life is what he chose
He lived his life like there was no tomorrow...
till a lawman's bullet brought it to a close...... Billy Rose

He was handsome, he was tall, he was quick on the draw
His legend quickly grew along the border
He was feared throughout the land, no one dared to stand
Against young Billy and his band of wild marauders
He became a living legend...
only legends live forever I suppose...... not Billy Rose

Billy you're too proud, there lies the danger
How you'll meet your end God only knows...... Billy Rose

He was loved by young Elena, whose father soon would send her
To the Sisters at the Mission in San Carlos
But when Billy came to call, they would meet beyond the wall
Spread a blanket out beyond the wild arroyo
In his arms she dreamed of tomorrow...
in her dream the future was foretold...... for Billy Rose

Billy asked "why are you crying?" she said "in my dream you're dying
And my heart knows only hopeless desperation"
Billy laughed and then he kissed her, he said "run back to the Sisters
Before they miss you at the evening meditation"
He rode off into tomorrow......
she never told him "our child within me grows"...... poor Billy Rose

Repeat Refrain:

The old men still remember that morning in September
A ranger rode into the town of El Diablo
The wanted poster read...... Alive or Dead
It was Billy's trail that he had followed
Billy would never see tomorrow...
the final chapter was about to close...... for Billy Rose

Now the mission bell is ringing, the Sisters all are singing
The Padre holds the vial of holy water
Young Billy's laid to rest, the newborn child's been blessed
Elena softly sings to her new daughter
Your father lived like there was no tomorrow...
in your veins his spirit surely flows...... my little Rose

final refrain:
Billy you were proud, you loved the danger
Are you satisfied?
God only knows...... Billy Rose

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