Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

Te Amare Siempre Mi Amor

He rode down in the night from the mountain, on the trail that led to her door
Unafraid, determined, defiant, risking capture to hold her once more
While the moon was in hiding, silently, he would slip by
For her kiss he was riding... for her love he was willing to die
Through the courtyard of her hacienda, he crept like a thief in the night
She knelt in prayer in the chapel, her face lit by soft candlelight
Her veil of black lace suddenly fell to the floor
She whispered as he kissed her face... te amare siempre, mi amor

And she cried, "mi amor, we must hurry, my father will soon have me wed
To a man who loves only money, and has placed a price on your head"

Together they slipped past the sentry, saw the smoke rings he blew in the dark
Down the hall where he had gained entry, now only a dead man stood guard
The night wind blew warm on their faces, somewhere a whippoorwill cried
Onward, spurring their horses... into the night they did ride
At sunrise they crossed the border, only then did they see
The riders led by her father, along the Rio Grande
Hopelessly, in desperation, they made a run for the town
One volley of fire from the rifles... the handsome outlaw was struck down

2nd Bridge:
And she cried, "mi amor I'm so sorry, my love has cost you your life
But I'll join you now, you needn't worry, no man will make me his wife"
Their's was the love made in legends, their story is told to this day
How the outlaw and young senorita haunt the banks of the Rio Grande
And the townspeople say if you listen, you can hear her last words on the wind
And they tell of the strange apparition... that at sunrise still can be seen
Their lives were tragically fated, their love was doomed from the start
At the river the riders had waited with the bullet that shattered his heart
At the end she used his revolver, so sing the old troubadours
Holding him closely she whispered... te amare siempre, mi amor

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