Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

Song for Sky

Dedicated to Kirby Grant

I remember the Saturday morning "Cowboy Showdown"
Growin' up in America 1955
The Lone Ranger, Gene and Roy and Hoppy
And a most unusual cowboy who could fly

While the others rode the plains you flew them
A hero in a million children's eyes
Injustice you did battle, the cockpit was your saddle
The Songbird was your plane, your name was 'Sky'

Sky King sail the Songbird through the heavens
Now at last you're finally free to fly
Into our living rooms we all remember
You flew out of the blue of the western sky

Now Gene had Champion and Roy had Trigger
Silver was the Ranger's pride and joy
Through the clouds you proudly flew the Songbird
The world's first ever flyin' cowboy

Today the world needs heroes more than ever
Some say your breed has slowly slipped away
Those who fly the shuttle, followed your example
You helped to make them what they are today

repeat chorus
tag: The Songbird was your plane... your name was 'Sky'

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