Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

Saddle Tramp

In memory of Alan Ladd in the role of Shane

He wasn't born to push a plow, he'd never be a banker nor a clerk
A drifter and an outlaw who sometimes hired on for honest work
He wore a badge when times were just too hard to make a living robbing banks
Then he'd move on when they no longer needed just a hired saddle tramp

He wore blue and grey in '65, remembers Appomattox, Lee and Grant
With nothing left he headed west...... a horse, saddle and the clothes upon his back
The border towns of Texas to the badlands of Dakota was his camp
And history records a breed of man they simply called a saddle tramp

You've been sung about before, you're known by many names
Like Desperado, Renegade...... a real life Jesse James
When the last cowboy has drawn his final breath and struck his camp
They'll still sing about you... saddle tramp
Saddle tramp saddle tramp
They'll still sing about you... saddle tramp

There's a woman in St. Louis with a child that has your eyes but not your name
Sometimes his mama turns to see him starin' and the years just melt away
To an aftemoon on a riverbank with the warm breath of the sun upon her skin
And the handsome, smiling stranger in her arms she knew she never see again

Repeat Chorus
Your time is done, the West is won....who will cry for you now that you're gone
You lived and died, a cowboy's pride....the only way of life you'd ever known
Saddled with a name by those who judged you and who'll never understand
Freedom was as natural as the easy feel of leather in your hand

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