Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

King of the Cowboys

You were a silverscreen hero
White hat and six-guns in hand
You tipped your hat to the ladies
But you stepped aside for no man

You rode a gold palomino
And fought for the way things should be
You were the King of the Cowboys
And a childhood hero to me

You're riding on King of the Cowboys
Forever in our memory
I n our hearts all of your "little partners"
We hoped we'd grow up to be
Just like the King of the Cowboys
Loyal, courageous and true
True to the code of the cowboy 'l~ '"
I'm glad we had heroes like you

Gone are the silverscreen cowboys
Gone is the code of the west
Of all my childhood mem'ries
These are some of the best

You riding into your last sunset
One final roundup and then
May all your trails be happy
Until we meet again

Repeat Chorus
Keep riding on King of the Cowboys

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