Silver Screen Heroes & Other Legends

by Ron Christopher

Cowboy Poetry

Waking to a blinding prairie sunrise
Running from a life that he once knew
Hiding in plain sight he goes unnoticed
This is where his heart has led him to

Summers in the south of France seemed natural
To a man who came from high society
The cowboy recollects the world he's traveled
He writes it down in cowboy poetry

He once walked the corridors of power
A well-connected man politically
He used to write the speeches from those ivy covered towers
Now it's "Cowboy 101" at "prairie University"
Now he's writin' cowboy poetry

From the back of his old horse he earns his living
No one knows he holds a Ph.D
The world that he once knew was unforgiving
He turned his back on that philosophy

He was once the kid who would go far
Now that's just as far as he can see
He walked away from ev'rything to follow his own star
Now he's writin' cowboy poetry

Repeat Chorus

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